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Online Bank

Online Banking allows all banks' account transactions to be viewed on a single screen. It shows instant balances in all banks and gives reports of closing balances at the end of the day.


While showing the foreign exchange movements and foreign exchange balances, it also gives the equivalent of all assets in the desired currency thanks to the instant exchange rate.


It provides integration with all accounting, ERP and e-commerce programs, and perfectly matches all bank transactions with the current one with its smart learning capability.

General Features

Manage All Account Activity from a Single Screen

It enables all banks' account activities to be viewed and managed on a single screen. Instant balances, end-of-day closing balances in all banks.

Works Integrated with All ERPs

It listens to thousands of transactions coming to your banks within seconds and ensures that they are processed into the relevant modules in your ERP system.

Perfect Detect and Matching Ability

It pulls the iban and tax number information of your customers and suppliers from your ERP system. Instantly matches incoming and outgoing payments with companies according to the rules you define.

Unique Open Banking Experience

It works integrated with all banks. It separates your movements according to account and transaction types and reports instantly from mobile and web applications.


Error-Free Transaction Capability

It prevents the bank transaction from being entered in the wrong amount or to the wrong company.

Saving time

It eliminates time losses by processing payments in seconds. Money transfer with the customer minimizes phone/mail traffic.

Smart Learning

It offers different options thanks to its smart learning ability. It helps to make correct matching.

Group Company Management

It prevents the mixing of current accounts and accounts within group companies and allows them to be separated and managed perfectly.


Thanks to the user permission levels, it is possible to make different settings and obtain different screen content for each user.


Processes payments even when the employee is not on duty. It performs all transfer operations automatically.

Other Modules

Pos Detail Report

It gives detailed information about all transaction transactions passing through physical POS and virtual POS. It provides automatic transfer to accounting and ERP programs.

Virtual Pos Infrastructure

It enables collections via virtual POS of all banks.

Card Storage

It stores credit cards in a secure environment. It provides fast collection without entering card information. Provides periodic collection option.